GINGER – Surgery Recovery


CHAD – Living with Crohn’s Disease

Nurse Sheila

SHEILA – Registered Nurse


Jill – Registered Dietician



RONNIE – MMA Fighter


OLIVER – State Champion Tennis Player


JILL – Mom On-The-Go


KRISTIN – Mom On-The-Go


SHANNON – USA Marathon Record Holder


KELSEY – College Student On-The-Go


MARK – Family Guy and Marathoner


ROBERT – Personal Trainer On-The-Go


ROBIN – Fueling workouts with GO BODY®


VICKI – Health-Conscious Working Prof.


LEAH – Busy professional On-The-Go


PETER – Mr. Amercia & Mr Universe


RENEE – NPC Physique Competitor


DARICK – Cpt. U.S. Military


TOM – Distance Runner


BILL – 1st place overall Masters Div,


Meet Ginger
Surgery Recovery, South Carolina

Ginger had surgery to remove her kidney on June 17, 2013. She was left with a hole in her stomach as a result of the surgery. Doctors encouraged her to drink Ensure, until one doctor discovered GO BODY® in March of 2014.

GO BODY® has been instrumental in my recovery. It had been almost a year since my surgery and the wound from my kidney removal had not healed. I am a vegetarian and my protein intake was not sufficient to promote the healing process. My doctor was contemplating having to do a second surgery if we could not get the incision to heal. They were concerned and not sure my body was strong enough to survive another surgery. Then my doctor recommended that I try GO BODY® to aid in my recovery, and after I started drinking it the healing process took off like a rocket. It was truly amazing! Within 3 months of drinking GO BODY® my wound healed more than it had the entire previous year. My prayers have been answered, and my doctors and nurses are amazed at the difference GO BODY® made in my recovery.

I would recommend GO BODY® to anyone having any kind of surgical procedure to promote the body’s ability to heal. Needless to say the surgery was called off after a complete recovery. As far as I’m concerned GO BODY® is what helped give me my life back... the quality of life as well. It has the 25g of whey protein that I desperately needed to be able to heal successfully, and with only 150 natural calories and 8g of sugar I get more of what my body desperately needs without the excessive sugar or artificial sweeteners.

I had a team of nurses that would come in every other day to perform my wound care and after a year of their visits we became close. They are as excited and amazed as I am about the dramatic recovery.  – Ginger


Meet Chad
Living with Crohn’s Disease,┬áSouth Carolina

Chad lives with Crohn’s disease which is a chronic inflammatory disease of the intestines, especially the colon and ileum, associated with ulcers and fistulae.

The other proteins give me stomach cramps and make me feel nauseous. With GO BODY® I have no issues and it also helps keep me regular so I don’t have to take fiber pills or powders anymore. It actually works better than all the pills and powders.

– Chad

Nurse Sheila

Meet Sheila
Registered Nurse

Sheila provided home health care for Ginger throughout 2013 and witnessed firsthand how GO BODY® provided Ginger with what her body needed to recover properly.

Over the time that I cared for Ginger I could not help but notice when she started to drink the GO BODY® her wound healing improved two fold. Ginger had difficulty getting her daily protein intake and GO BODY® made the difference in resolving this issue. As a home health RN I see many elderly people struggle with this same issue, and most do not like the old chalky milk based meal replacements making GO BODY® a great alternative. I enjoyed the product myself as a convenient way to help curb my appetite between meals.

– Sheila


Jill's bariatric group

Meet Jill
Registered Dietician

Jill is a Registered Dietician with 12 years experience working with bariatric surgery patients and other specialized nutrition needs patients. She has also been involved in weight loss research studies. She received her bachelor's degree in food and nutrition from the University of Alabama and has continued to focus her career on diet, health and wellness.

When I gave samples of the Berry Pomegranate GO BODY® to my bariatric support group the response was overwhelmingly positive. GO BODY® has the ultimate combination of great taste and superior nutrition, along with a new light and fruity texture that most of my patients do prefer over a milky protein shake. The two most asked questions were where can I purchase, and can we try other flavors.

– Jill


Meet Ronnie
MMA Fighter, South Carolina

As a long time fighter and trainer I see first-hand how vital proper nutrition can be to winning or loosing. As I grow in the sport I find that my supplementing regimen is becoming more and more detailed. Timing is everything when it comes to recovery and GO BODY® provides exactly what my body needs to come back stronger.

– Ronnie


Meet Oliver
State Champion Tennis Player, South Carolina

Top ranked singles and doubles player in South Carolina in 2012

GO BODY® plays a huge part in my daily work and fitness routine. As a teaching tennis professional, I have to be careful not to overdo myself on the court or in the gym. I love my job teaching tennis, but I find myself so exhausted from a long day, that I often times will myself through tennis matches and gym workouts. In all, I spend a total of 40 to 45 hours a week playing tennis. I also have a strict fitness regimen that keeps me in the gym for 10 hours per week. In order to do all of this and still be active and energetic at home, I am very careful to maintain a high protein diet. I did the vitamin protein shake and energy bar thing daily. Honestly, it was getting pretty old.

Recently a friend of mine recommended GO BODY® as a substitute for all the energy drinks, vitamins, protein shakes, etc. I never minded the rough taste of protein drinks, but it is definitely nice to have found a refreshing protein drink that does not leave me full and lethargic. Now, I drink one a day (Tropical is my favorite), but if I have a tournament I will drink one before and one after a match. My recovery time has dramatically decreased. Instead of muscle and mental fatigue, I feel focused and energized without the weird jitters throughout the day. I have a newborn coming sometime this month, so I will definitely need the extra fuel! Thanks GO BODY®.

– Oliver


Meet Jill
Mom On-The-Go, South Carolina

Being a working mother I find that time is my most valuable asset. I love to feed my family nutritious home cooked meals, but when running across town or taking the kids to school sometimes the meals are replaced with quick snacks. GO BODY® offers a healthy option that's both quick and easy, and it’s something the entire family enjoys. I feel that my energy levels are higher when I drink GO BODY® between meals and I like to have one with me while I workout as well.

– Jill


Meet Kristin
Mom On-The-Go, South Carolina

As a single mother it seems like I stay on the go. I like to substitute GO BODY® as a meal replacement when I do not have time to prepare lunch or dinner. GO BODY® is great because my son likes the taste and I feel comfortable knowing he is meeting his nutritional needs at the same time. I have my friends and family drinking GO BODY® and I recommend this product to anyone who cares about balanced nutrition and living a healthy lifestyle.

– Kristin


Meet Shannon
USA Marathon Record Holder, Georgia

GO BODY® is huge aspect of my training and recovery. Having raced 24sub-four hour marathons in 2011-the second most by any American female in one calendar year, I know the importance of protein when recovering from a grueling race. Before I discovered GO BODY® my dilemma was drinking other protein beverages that contained dairy products. These other drinks did not sit well in my body after a scorching run in HOTlanta. With GO BODY®, I can now enjoy a protein recovery drink in the hot summer months that allows for optimum recovery, while at the same time providing a thirst quenching experience with real fruit juice flavors.

This past spring I came down with mono and with the help of GO BODY® was able to return to running rather quickly. Within a few weeks I was able to expand my running mileage from 25 miles per week to 80 miles per week. There was also a significant improvement in how my muscles and body felt after a long run. With only two weeks of training, I finished in the top 20 out of nearly 200 runners at Deadwood Mickleson Trail in South Dakota, which has 14 miles of inclined terrain. GO BODY® allows me to train off of a higher mileage and race often. It is a drink I actually now crave post-training and the results have been great. On a personal note, I love that GO BODY® is a local product within easy reach of the Atlanta area, where I have lived and coached for a decade.

– Thanks again, Shannon


Meet Kelsey
College student On-The-Go!, North Carolina

GO BODY® isn’t just for athletes. GO BODY® is all-around nutrition when you need it, and it's great to grab and go when you're in a rush.

After trying many different types of nutritional beverages, I've found that GO BODY® stands apart from any other. Because I am a college student my schedule is demanding, offering little time for healthy meals in between classes and work. In the past I would sacrifice good nutrition to keep up with my busy schedule, but with GO BODY® I can be focused on school and not on hunger.

There’s no mess with measuring and mixing powders or milk, which saves me time when I’m on the go. Whether I’m drinking one for breakfast or grabbing one after a workout, I know that I’m getting the amino acids and antioxidants my body needs without the side effects of artificial ingredients. College is hectic enough, but with GO BODY® my nutrition is one less thing I have to worry about.

– Kelsey


Meet Mark
Working Professional, Family Guy, and Marathoner, Illinois

Mark just completed the Boston Marathon on April 19th, and GO BODY® was a part of his training. GO BODY®’s an ideal pre- or post-workout tool for athletes of all levels.

As a busy professional with a family who participates in an average of four marathons a year, I am in constant training. As I focus on quality workouts, recovery is a key component in improving performance and preventing injury. I have never found a product that has noticeably decreased my recovery times. Then I tried GO BODY® All-Natural Nutritional Beverage.

I have been using GO BODY® as part of my recovery routine for several months. I focus on the drink as a reward after a hard workout. The Mixed Berry flavor is my personal favorite, although I enjoy other flavors. Since incorporating GO BODY® into my routine, I have recovered faster and with less muscle soreness, allowing me to have another quality workout the next day.

My two young daughters have also begun competing in 5K and 10K races. The time I spend training and participating with them is special daddy-daughter time. After a race, they look forward to their tasty treat of GO BODY® when they cross the finish line. I look forward to many more years of sharing fitness and fun with them.

– Mark


Meet Robert
Personal trainer On-The-Go!, South Carolina

Everyone’s busy these days. GO BODY® helps you get the good stuff in you when you're on the go!

As a personal trainer, I have to be flexible to accommodate my clients’ schedules. Most of my days are booked with back-to-back training sessions, and, as a result, I don't always have time to eat between clients. I like to stay as healthy as possible and GO BODY® is perfect for my lifestyle - it's all natural AND low calorie. Lately, I’ve been drinking GO BODY® during my workouts for a boost of energy to help finish my last few reps. I notice a quicker recovery time after intense workouts, and I like the fact GO BODY® contains whey protein versus milk or soy proteins. GO BODY® is the perfect way to jump start my morning and maintain healthy energy between meals.

– Robert


Meet Robin
Fueling workouts with GO BODY®!, South Carolina

Working hard all day requires a steady supply of good stuff. GO BODY® delivers.

I love to drink juice in the morning and, with GO BODY®, I get more of the nutrition I need without the excess amount of sugar in regular juice.

My clients frequently ask for recommendations on what to eat and drink, and it has always been tough to get them to buy into the thick, milky, protein shakes that I had available. Now I tell them about GO BODY® and how well it has worked for me. I feel confident telling them that they will actually enjoy this stuff. I recommend GO BODY® to my clients as a way to get the protein they need after a workout, or as a supplement between meals.

– Robin


Meet Vicki
Health-Conscious Working Professional, and Kickboxer, Texas

Vicki is a kickboxer who happens to also be diabetic. She uses GO BODY® after workouts for recovery. GO BODY®’s an ideal pre- or post-workout tool for athletes of all levels.

Like a lot of people, I’m a really busy person with a lot of personal and professional commitments. In order to manage my health and well being while trying to meet all of these commitments, I try to eat right and work out on a regular basis. Since I’m a kickboxer who also happens to be diabetic, I need to be extremely careful about what I put in my body. With GO BODY®, I don't have to worry. It's not too sugary or too heavy. It’s perfect for me. And GO BODY® helps me recover quickly from my workouts so I can get back to the rest of my life.

– Vicki


Meet Leah
Busy professional On-The-Go, Georgia

Using GO BODY® can help make it easier to balance a busy career with a busy life!

I am a young professional who takes nutrition very seriously. My demanding work schedule makes it hard to work out regularly, but I squeeze in as much exercise as possible. I am well aware of the important role amino acids and antioxidants plays in a healthy lifestyle and make it a point to have protein after every workout. GO BODY® has been the perfect protein solution for me. In my three years of training, I have never liked the chalky taste or heaviness of other shakes and protein mixtures on the market. GO BODY® provides the protein I need plus the added bonus of other vitamins and nutrients in a fabulous tasting juice. I coudn't believe how light and fruity it was the first time I tried it! I am such a big fan that I’ll even drink it for breakfast on mornings that I'm running late for work. GO BODY® is all-around the best ever!

– Leah


Meet Peter
Mr. USA 1989; Mr. America 1991 & 1992; Mr. Universe 1993, Connecticut

To gain mass you must learn and practice perfect nutrition. As a result most professional body builders are nutrition experts on some level. As you grow in the sport, obviously you start looking for any advantage over the competition. Some guys look for more protein but in my opinion 25 grams of whey protein is the perfect amount to compliment a grueling work. With GO BODY® you have the ultimate combo of amino acids, electrolytes, and antioxidants to stimulate pre-workout energy or support post workout recovery.

– Peter


Meet Renee
NPC Physique Competitor, Montana

As an NPC Physique competitor, my diet is everything. People who do not live in the world of bodybuilding have a belief that if you ONLY workout, you get big muscles. But behind the scenes, competitors aren’t thinking about muscles. We are living and breathing a scientifically designed diet customized to our individual body types. If the diet is not perfect, a placing in our class is only a pipe dream.

GO BODY® was introduced at the perfect time for me. Every November, I compete in Vegas for a top 3 place that sends me to USA’s and Nationals. This year, instead of the usual boring protein shakes, I supplemented my diet with GO BODY®. I have 3 drinks per day, 1 being consumed in the morning with breakfast, 1 while working out, and 1 after. I have leaned out faster than I have in my past pre-contest diets, and kept the muscle I worked so hard for in the off season. I have never gotten stronger when dieting, as my goal is to keep the muscle and lower body fat, but when I began drinking GO BODY®, I went from bench pressing 70 lb dumbbells to 90 lb dumbbells in 3 months! When it is necessary for me to consume 200 grams of protein a day and cycle my calories, drinking 3 GO BODY® drinks per day is critical to my training and diet.

And since diet is important to me, my children’s diets are equally as important. They get to school with the important nutrients they need to power their brains each day. They love the taste and I don’t have to force a chocolate protein drink in their mouths at breakfast. There are a lot of things I live without on the road to USA’s and Nationals. GO BODY® isn’t one of them!

– Renee


Meet Darick
Cpt. U.S. Military

I am 37, a graduate of Clemson University in 2004, and now a military officer since 2007. During the past eight years of my life I have focused more on my physical, mental, and spiritual health. This was a monumental change for me as I never placed much emphasis on my physical health but my profession in the military stresses the importance of stamina. I discovered GO BODY®’s protein drink in 2011 and instantly knew it was what I needed to assist my overall goals. I tried numerous protein powders and protein drinks in the past and none of them fulfilled the physical or nutritional demands that my body required. Three years have passed but I continue to drink GO BODY® protein drinks... and my physical and mental fitness have never been better! My energy and focus is double what it was in the past and I continue to excel at the personal goals I set. GO BODY® gives me what I need to perform!

I am also a husband to a loving wife and a father of two young children. GO BODY® has helped reduce the stresses within my home. With a quick meal becoming more necessary we use GO BODY® to satisfy the whole family including the kids who demand the fruity texture and great taste. I will continue to be a strong believer in GO BODY® to provide my family with the essentials we need to stay healthy. Thank you GO BODY®!

– Darick


Meet Tom
Distance Runner, New Jersey

I am a distance runner who regularly runs both marathons and half marathons. I was turned on to GO BODY® by a co-worker. I run early in the morning and find it hard to get in a meal early enough to digest it prior to a run or race. I recently used GO BODY® both before and after a morning race. It is a great way to prep for a run without filling up and the recovery benefits are unbelievable. You can start feeling better results almost immediately.

With GO BODY® you get more than a sugar rush with some electrolytes you find with some sports drinks. GO BODY® delivers a full spectrum, nutritional supplement that that really supplies everything you need to perform and recover. I’m hooked!

– Tom


Meet Bill
1st place overall Masters Division SNBF & SNBF PRO, South Carolina

As an all-natural body building competitor, nutrition is especially important to me. The timing, quantity, and quality of Protein are all extremely important in natural competition. With a very busy work schedule, planning my meals becomes absolutely essential. GO BODY® provides a simple, convenient solution for protein between meals or, more importantly, around my workouts.

In the past, I would tolerate the current RTD protein drinks on the market because I had to have protein in a hurry, but with GO BODY® I finally get the great taste of my favorite juice and the consistency of my favorite sports drink. GO BODY® provides high quality whey protein and more without the negatives like cholesterol and saturated fats that are in most RTD protein drinks. All I want to know is when do I get to try the other flavors?

– Bill

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