GO BODY® provides optimum nutrition through a perfectly balanced combination of whey protein isolate, prebiotic soluble fiber, antioxidants, and specific vitamins and minerals – minus the empty calories and useless ingredients – in a thirst quenching, all natural nutritional beverage. See for yourself how we compare below.

(Servings of Fruit & Veggies)
GO BODY® 25g
Whey Isolate
= 6 servings
Fruit & Veggies
4500 8g 3g 150 YES
Muscle Milk 32g
Milk Isolate
Whey Concentrate
* * 4g 2g 330 NO
Ensure 19g
Milk Concentrate
Soy Isolate
* * 46g 2g 528 NO
POM Wonderful 2g YES * 65g 0 316 *
V8 VFusion 0 = 2 servings
Fruit & Veggies
* 46g 0 211 NO
G2 0 0 * 29g 0 112 NO
Red Bull 1g 0 * 54g 0 234 NO
Comparisons based on published nutrition panels or labels and values are adjusted to a 16.9oz serving.
* No ingredient or value specified by type.
GO BODY® is a trademark of GO BODY® Nutrition, LLC. All other trademarks, including Muscle Milk®, Ensure®, POM Wonderful®, V8 Fusion®, Gatorade® and Red Bull® are the property of their respective¬†owners.
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