The health benefits of GO BODY® are simple when you understand the body’s cellular need to be
Nourished - Hydrated - and Protected in order to feel good and energized. GO BODY® does this simply
by providing vital nutrients to the cell at optimum levels.

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Second only to water, protein is the most abundant element in our body and cells. In order for our body’s to feel good naturally it is critical that we maintain optimum cellular nutrition. A healthy diet must include a complete source of amino acids, otherwise known as protein fractions. Whey Isolate is one of the most complete proteins, and contains all of the amino acids necessary for hundreds of bodily functions. Protein is best known for recovery, but is absolutely essential for everybody to achieve overall health and wellness.


Hydration is essential for life. In order for our body to hydrate properly, our cells require specific amounts of certain minerals, also known as electrolytes, to assist in the cells absorption of water. Proper hydration is much more critical than most people realize, and can significantly contribute to mental fatigue and lack of energy. By combining a proprietary blend of natural vitamins and coconut water Go Body hydrates unlike any other protein drink.


Most of us have heard something about how antioxidants protect the body. But How? Our body contains trillions of cells, and antioxidants destroy harmful free radicals before they attack our cells. Each and every moment we are under attack from free radicals in the air we breathe, and even in some of the foods we eat and drink. When the cell membrane is attacked, transportation of nutrients, oxygen, and water into the cell becomes less efficient, and in worse case, if free radical damage is too severe it can lead to a decreased resistance to degenerative diseases.

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Health Benefits of GO BODY®

  • A unique antioxidant blend (which includes six servings of fruits and veggies) helps to eliminate or slow down cell damage caused by free radicals, which causes tissue damage and immunity problems
  • Whey protein contains all the essential amino acids your body requires to promote healing, recovery and new muscle growth
  • Prebiotic fiber aids in controlling hunger, supports healthy cholesterol and healthy blood sugar levels
  • The low sugar, high protein and fiber combination is a perfect supplement for those with diabetes
  • Coconut water delivers ultimate hydration with a broad spectrum of electrolytes and less sodium
  • Nothing artificial/no preservatives
  • Contains all nine essential amino acids and offers caffeine‑free energy
  • Gluten, GMO & soy-free makes GO BODY® the right choice for all dietary needs
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